APS Packaging for ISVs

Veritra is proud to offer APS Packaging and System Integration Services to ISV’s who are looking for avenues to expand market reach. Packaging your application for APS ensures that your software is accessible by the 10 million + Cloud Service Subscribers. Thousands of service providers use APS ready systems and the optimal ISV partner is the one who can provide applications that are already APS-packaged and ready to be deployed and marketed.



Veritra understands APS packaging as well as how it fits into the bigger picture of being installed and sold in APS ready systems, such as Parallels Automation. We have our own systems to test and develop APS packages and have a diverse team of Cloud Business Consultants, APS Architects, APS Certified Developers, and Certified Parallels Automation Engineers. 


 We will manage your APS project cradle-to-grave with a team consisting of the following members:


  • APS Project Manager
  • APS Architect
  • APS Certified Developer
  • Parallels Automation Certified Systems Engineer


Why APS?


The future of business applications is in the cloud. Business customers know it, Service Providers know it, and ISVs know it. As the cloud market continues to grow, you can become an instrumental part of the supply chain for this revolution by delivering your SaaS offering using the Applications Packaging Standard (APS), making your offerings ready for huge new markets via thousands of Hosters and Service Providers ready to accept APS packaged solutions for distribution. APS is the leading packaging standard in this space, and businesses worldwide are getting on board.


Contact Us Today to find out more about our APS System Integration services: info@veritra.com


Additional Information:


Please visit the APS Standard website for more information on the Application Packaging Standard.


For more information on Parallels Cloud Services and examples of other companies already packaged in APS, please visit the Parallels Cloud Services home page.